The treatment at New Direction Recovery is completely designed around you and your needs.

We work tirelessly to get to know you, find what you need, and provide you the guidance necessary to push you in the right direction. Your treatment is yours alone, but it follows a structure that is customized along the way, differently for each person. What doesn’t work for you will be taken out or altered until you have a foolproof treatment plan that is built around your success. First, before you do anything, you need to make sure you have admitted to yourself that you have a problem that you cannot control or beat on your own.

New Direction Recovery is dedicated to your treatment, your sobriety, your health, and your happiness.

We keep client intake low so that you have the opportunity to access adequate support and real love. Pick up the phone today to call New Direction Recovery to set up a free consultation at one of our substance abuse treatment clinics. It will be a new beginning, a start to a life that is wholly yours, dictated by you alone. Come see how it feels to control your own destiny.

  Supervised Detoxification

After eliminating denial, we will admit you to our drug detox clinic for a supervised withdrawal. As your body rids itself of its physical dependence, you will likely go through some unpleasant symptoms. Don’t fear, though, our team of professionals will be at your side guiding you through the process to make sure that it is as safe, comfortable, and quick as possible. With the adequate support from a professional team of addiction specialists, you will be able to break free of what controls you and find a clean slate with a full and healthy life ahead of you.

  Individual Therapy

Then, after you have made it through detox, you will transition to the long-term portion of treatment. During one-on-one sessions with a personal counselor, you will work on creating a customized addiction recovery plan that is both comprehensive and effective. Our team will work with you to make sure your needs are met, ensuring that you have the best possible chances of sobriety. Your personal therapist will also screen you for a dual diagnosis mental health issue while you’re creating the treatment plan. Whatever is troubling you will be swiftly and adequately identified, addressed, and treated. Only when you have fully acknowledged the need for broader mental health treatment can we really get to work on liberating you from addiction and giving your life back.

  Group Therapy

You will work through counseling to learn how to overcome addiction triggers and avoid the cravings that are associated with them. You will also learn how to beat addiction with group therapy sessions. During these meetings, you will work within a community, forming bonds of support that will help you long after you have left a New Direction drug rehab center. The guidance, insightful advice, and limitless support will come from the honest conversations you have. You will tell each other your stories of struggle, listen to other’s similar challenges, and exchange invaluable advice. Group therapy will show you that you are not alone in your struggle, that there many people out there going through what you are. You don’t have to do this on your own, New Direction substance abuse treatment centers will show you that.

  Customized Aftercare Programs

Once you get ready to leave one of our addiction treatment clinics, you will have everything in place to remain sober indefinitely. After you have whittled through the methods that don’t work for you, you will be sent off into daily life with the guidance of a treatment plan that meets your needs. This is not to say that this plan isn’t comprehensive, you are able to change it whenever you need to. It is extremely important that you stick to the therapy, group meetings, and other activities we have in your regimen. The diligent hard-work you put into your program will enable you to keep sober long-term.


Customized Plan

No two human beings are identical, no two addictions are the same, and no two addiction treatments should be alike.

Dual Diagnosis

Nearly half of all people with addictions have an underlying mental disorder that will need to be adequately addressed to overcome this debilitating disease.

Holistic Method

Holistic methods of treatment are promoted at New Direction addiction recovery centers.

Aftercare Support

These bonds that may even stay with you after you leave New Direction, will be instrumental in empowering your recovery and providing much-needed support and guidance.

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